Mark Decker
UX Manager

Dexos Licensed Oil

Short timeline project to meet business teams needs

Dexos Licensed Oil

Dexos is a site managed by the business. It's used by distributors and vendors to identify licensed Dexos oil products. Through some quantified research, we've found it's important to our customers to be able to identify quality oil specifically made for GM vehicles. The previous version of the site was inoperable, not accessability compliant, and generally needed to be simplified. We also had an extremely short timeline.

"It looked like it hadn't been touched since 2003"


At the discovery phase of my project, I conducted user interviews in order to get a better understanding of the problem.


  • I chose interviews because we had easy access to specific external users that we believed accurately reflected our general user base. If we had more time we could have implemented a survey as well.

  • Some of the questions we asked were:

    • How did you go about searching for this site?

    • How did you know the site exists?

    • What did you search for when you got to the site?

    • What's important when searching for a Dexos product?

    • Did the licensed brands influence your purchases?

    • Did any brand listed surprise you?

    • How would you categorize different Dexos products?

  • We were most curious about how most of these users knew to look for this site at all. Without having experience, how did these users discover that we had licensed brands that sold our oil?

  • Our main insights were surrounding usability and increasing search-ability

  • We greatly simplified the processes surrounding search.

Dexos Licensed Oils at GM


At the beginning of my design process I created wireframes for rapid testing purposes.

  • We designed the wireframes live while meeting with the business team.

  • The wireframes were low fidelity and applied our research discovery directly to the layout.

  • I used Adobe XD and shared over Microsoft Teams the process.

  • From there we were able to quickly turn around a high fidelity mockup and worked with development on a prototype.

  • All in all, we had a production ready design in 2 iterations.

Dexos Licensed Oils at GM

UI Design

Once I tested out all usability issues, I started designing the final screens in Adobe XD.

  • I chose a light visual style to freshen the design.

  • The design uses our very own Global Design System, based on Material design.

  • The design is compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • The thing that fills me with pride on this project is the lightning fast turn around.

  • My design utilized the understanding gained by interviewing end users.

  • Ultimately, we met our business stakeholders goals by increasing the usefulness and accessibility of the site.

Let's talk results!

We learned a lot from this short project

  • We learned there were "business owned" one off websites that needed to be uncovered and brought to our attention. We had sites that were not WCAG compliant and this project exposed them. We brought sites up to accessibility compliance and GM standards.

  • With the Dexos site specifically, we made it extremely easy to search by supplier and brand name.

More users
WCAG compliance
"Sincere thanks for all of your kind assistance! Very much appreciated not only internally, but by our customers who rely on this site as a trusted reference for GM-licensed products. "
Garret Bien, Dex-Fluids Licensing Manager