Mark Decker
UX Manager

What should a Design Leaders Portfolio Contain?

A Forward


A larger portion of my time now is spent working on team building and design strategy. I see myself as a mentor and facilitator in designer’s careers. Subsequently, I focus on recruiting, mentoring, retaining, and building up a great UX team. I use tools such as skill radars, performance tracking, and user research to evaluate and design a balanced team that performs. I want designers to progress and strive for desired outcomes just like our customers and stakeholders.

I coach designers in leadership and ensure my diverse team has ample opportunities to innovate and grow their skill sets. I train on tools of the trade, emotional intelligence, and collaboration.

Designers need highly collaborative relationships with product and engineering teams. I want them to understand both the products and the users. This enables team conceptualization and envisioning the future.

In addition to sharing some traditional case studies of my work, I will also share how I prioritize user stores, track OKRs, and document UX research. I will include tools I've build and tools I've incorporated. I will share examples of effective people leadership outcomes.