About me

A seasoned design leader coupled with an MBA from the University of Texas - Dallas; I bring a distinctive edge to both my teams and end-users. I probably use " y'all" to much in slack. My background, which encompasses working in both start-ups and Fortune 10 companies, primes me to effectively lead cross-functional teams regardless of organization size. I deliver a meaningful return on investment through optimization and growth hacking using user experience.

Career Highlights (so far)

  • I contributed to a 100 Million dollar valuation with my 0 to 1 experience design at a bootstrapped Saas startup.

  • I recruited, mentored, and retained college hires and experienced talent in product/ux design teams.

  • My re-design efforts generated $700 Million dollars at General Motors from the service engineering platform.

Qualitative Research

As an experienced professional in qualitative research, I launched my career at a FinTech startup where I was able to gain extensive knowledge and hands-on experience through conducting in-depth interviews and utilizing various qualitative research methods. This was in support of the development of an innovative financial reporting product.


I place great importance on the process of prototyping. Prototyping bring my teams designs to life and enables validated through testing with real users. As a design leader I am well-versed in using a range of prototyping tools and techniques. By utilizing prototypes, my teams and I are able to gather insightful feedback and make iterative improvements to designs that meet the needs of the user. Prototyping is a crucial aspect of my UX design methodology.

Design Process

Over my 15 years of experience in design, I have refined a design process and set of standards of UX excellence that I bring to every product team. Identify problems, interview stakeholders and users. Wireframe and user flows. User test research. Mockups. Usability testing. Work with Engineering. Feedback loop.